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HUIDA has been specialized in design and manufacturing Plastic Pipes & Fittings Moulds since it’s established in 1989. After over a decade of professional design and manufacturing, we’ve explored and summarized abundant successful experience of making moulds.

HUIDA established Pallet Moulds and Furniture Moulds Development Department While making Pipes & Fittings Moulds in 2000. We have professional and experienced mould designers and mould technicians in an effort to analyze、design plastic products; hot-runner and cold-runner moulds by using the software of Auto CAD、UG、PRO/E、Solidworks freely. HUIDA can design and make new moulds according to the samples or drawings which supplied by the customers.

HUIDA covers of 16,000 sq.m for the center of plastic moulds development, design and manufacturing in 2006.

HUIDA as a private enterprise, sticking to business philosophy of “Taping Market by Quality, Servicing Customers by Credit” We keep in international advanced mould making technology, improve the mould structure continuously.

Our advanced digital-control CNC processing center, electric spark and precise tools which imported in German, Japanese, Switzerland and Taiwan to process the moulds. Meanwhile, HUIDA provide plastic products processing, plastic machinery configuration and related technical data.

HUIDA enjoys great reputation in global Plastic Pipes & Fittings Mould as a corporate member of China Mould Industry Association and China Plastic Pipe & Fitting Council, and has been awarded as “ Customer-oriented Quality Commitment Entity” by China Construction Material Industry. At present, All Plastic Pipe & Fitting Moulds and Pallet Moulds and Furniture Moulds exported, thus making HUIDA Mould is a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic moulds in China.

HUIDA will keep on perfect quality guarantee system, after-sales service system, competitive price and better deliver time in return for trust and support from our customers.

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